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INX - Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System


INX - Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System

Everyday operations in EMS - such as lifting, lowering, loading and unloading - increase the risk of personal injury to operators, often resulting in lost work days and careers.

The iN∫X system was designed based on extensive feedback from EMS professionals, to effectively eliminate manual lifting operations, thus protect you from the risk of injury at every step of the operation, and make your job easier while enhancing delivery of care.



  • Easy and safe loading/unloading: the integrated loading system and the double safety device allow easy and safe loading and unloading by operating the stretcher's controls;
  • Multi-level adjustment: multi-level adjustment of the loading surface, without predefined, although programmable, heights, to facilitate patient loading operations;
  • Restraint system: dedicated restraint system for better patient safety;
  • Sealed and anti-rip memory foam pad: to optimize the patient's comfort;
  • Telescoping load frame: to maximize manoeuvrability in tight spaces;
  • Independent legs: independent high-speed extension and retraction for each leg;
  • Dual actuators: dual actuator to maximize the stretcher stability. Possibility to lift loads up to 317.50 kg;
  • Integrated lighting system: continuous and flashing modes both allow you to see and be seen in dark and hazardous conditions;
  • Manual back-up system: to continue using the stretcher even without battery;
  • In-fastener shut off: when the stretcher is locked in the ambulance, it is electrically isolated;
  • Integrated charging system (ICS): it allows charging the battery in the ambulance;
  • Simple one-touch operation: only two buttons for all operations;
  • Telescoping foot-end handles: to ensure better transport ergonomics;
  • Adjustable armrests: to provide enhanced patient comfort;
  • 360° Locking Swivel Wheels: allow movements in any direction thanks to the release lever

Performance and advantages

  • Safety and flexibility for any situation.
  • It allows an infinite number of positions allowing you to overcome obstacles in different environments.
  • Independent X-Frame design that allows you to overcome obstacles with your thumb and not your back.
  • Chair position that facilitates transfer of seated patients.
  • Thanks to its high capacity (318 Kg) it allows transporting bariatric patients. 
  • Loading, unloading, lifting and lowering operations without any effort.
  • Total safety for both patients and operators.
  • High visibility thanks to the iN∫X stretcher lighting.
  • Maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • Thanks to the available accessories, the IN∫X stretcher becomes much more performing.

Technical specifications

Length 159,4 - 204,5 cm
Height * 35,6 - 124,5 cm
Width (Overall) 59,7 cm 
Max Load height 91,5 cm
Load capacity 310 Kg
Backrest articulation 0° - 76°
Shock frame adjustament 0° - 16°
Weight 83 Kg
Power 36 Volt CC


Fastening system Modello 175
Central mount fastener 10G


1 Height: distance from the ground to patient surface.

IN∫X has been designed to meet international test standards increasing safety for you and your patient.



  • Storage Net
  • PacRac+TM Equipment Mount
  • SX Surface Extender
  • Three Stage IV Pole
  • Equipment Hook
  • Integrated O2 Holder
  • Universal Accessory Rail


The iN∫X has been designed to meet international test standards increasing safety for you and your patient.

IEC 60601-1
SAE J3027


Ferno reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. The scenes depicted are possible scenarios with the IN∫X. always follow local protocols when using any patient handling procedure.

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INX - Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System


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