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Mondial® Monobloc Transport System

CODE: 0054258

Mondial® Monobloc - Smart-Load™ stretcher

The smart and intuitive self-loading stretcher. Smarter, safer.

How do you obtain maximum efficiency, safety and practicality from a stretcher?
Through Smart-Load™ System technology.
The Mondial Monobloc brings together all of our technical achievements to offer you maximum performance: it helps you during the loading and unloading phases, and during the lifting and lowering of the stretcher; it allows you to work more easily and with greater agility; it guarantees safer manoeuvres and transport operations. It's nothing short of... #fernomenal!


Smart means more efficient
The Smart-Load™ Auto-Release System technology facilitates the loading and unloading of the stretcher. In fact, the automatic release of the legs further facilitates the loading of the stretcher into the ambulance. The telescopic handles, which can be adjusted to 3 different positions, allow the operator to work with greater comfort, without straining their back.


Why to choose the Mondial Monobloc stretcher

It's easy to handle, even in confined spaces. It can be easily transported over any type of terrain: the wheels measure 150 mm, and those on the foot end can be locked thanks to an integrated brake. The wheels on the head end can even be made to swivel using a special lever, thus allowing the stretcher to be manoeuvred with greater ease, even in confined spaces.

It's safer. It's equipped with a fall protection system to protect against the risk of accidental falls while unloading the stretcher from the ambulance.

It's easy to move. The control handles' EZ Pull™ technology allows the operators to operate the red control lever before bearing the weight during stretcher handling operations.

It's technological and intuitive. It automatically indicates when the legs are locked with an intuitive colour coded visual indicator.

It's ergonomic. The stretcher is equipped with lateral telescopic handles in order to allow other operators to help if any difficulties are encountered.  

It's multilevel, with an adjustable backrest. It can be adjusted to 7 different heights and the backrest can be raised. And that's not all: the anti-shock frame can also be set to three different positions, based on that which is most suitable for the patient.

It can be used as a field stretcher. The leg locking system allows the stretcher to be lifted and carried like a field stretcher.


The main features of the Mondial Monobloc stretcher

  • Smart-Load™ Auto-Release System Technology
  • EZ Pull™ Technology
  • Telescopic handles.
  • Extractable side handles.
  • Colour coded leg locking indicator (green/red).
  • 150 mm wheels and rear wheels with integrated locking system.
  • Release lever that allows the head end wheels to swivel 360°.
  • Intermediate loading wheels.
  • Adjustable to 7 heights.
  • Integrated restraint system.
  • Folding side rails adjustable to 3 positions.
  • Anti-shock frame adjustable to 3 positions.  
  • Reflective labels.
  • Storage compartment under the backrest.
  • Footrest.
  • Load capacity: 280 kg.



  • Compliant with the EN 1865 and EN 1789 standards.
  • CE Marking.


Specifiche tecniche

Code Description Lenght Height Loading height Weight
0054264 Mondial Monobloc MB64 1970 mm 550 mm 670-730 mm 45 kg
0054267 Mondial Monobloc MB70 1970 mm 550 mm 740-790 mm 45 kg





Model  Pos. 1 Pos. 2 Pos. 3 Pos. 4 Pos. 5 Pos. 6
MB64 318 mm 522 mm 708 mm 819 mm 892 mm 949 mm
MB70 314 mm 562 mm 749 mm 867 mm 946 mm 1007 mm
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Mondial® Monobloc Transport System

CODE: 0054258

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