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Stretcher 26-S

CODE: 26-S

Stretcher 26-S

Discover the self-loading stretcher that facilitates all rescue operations, even in confined spaces.

Its reduced weight (just 27 kg), collapsible components, and various other structural elements render the 26-S self-loading stretcher extremely manoeuvrable. It's the perfect stretcher for transporting patients in confined spaces and for facilitating the ambulance loading and unloading operations. Find out how the 26-S stretcher can facilitate your work.

Do you need a stretcher specifically designed for transporting bariatric patients?
Check out the 26-B stretcher by FERNO (load capacity: 280 kg).

Why to choose the self-loading 26-S stretcher

It's safe for patients and comfortable for operators. The stretcher's reduced weight and self-directing caster wheels allow it to be manoeuvred with ease. The safety brake prevents accidental movements. The leg locking system even allows the stretcher to be lifted and carried like a field stretcher, in complete safety.

It facilitates rescue operations. The 26-S stretcher features an anti-shock frame for placing the patient in the Trendelenburg position. Its foldable side rails and rigid ABS surfaces allow all life-saving operations to be performed.

It's easy to load and secure inside the ambulance. It can be easily loaded into the rescue vehicle and securely locked in place thanks to the special SLAM certified locking system.

It's durable. The polyethylene cover on all 4 legs protects against the potential wear caused by the ambulance loading and unloading operations.

It's compatible with incubator transport. The 26-S can be configured with the ITC system for incubator management and transport.

The shortest stretcher on the market: useful in any context
No environment is too confined for the 26-S stretcher: it can even fit in elevators. In fact, the front part can be collapsed if necessary in order to reduce the stretcher's length by 35 cm.

Main features of the 26-S stretcher

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium alloy structure.
  • Possibility of collapsing the front portion in order to access confined spaces (reduces the length by 35 cm).
  • Manual safety system for loading.
  • Front and rear legs protected by wear-resistant a polyethylene cover.
  • Backrest adjustable to 85°.
  • 17° anti-shock frame for placing the patient in the Trendelenburg position.
  • Folding side rails.
  • Self-directing rear caster wheels equipped with safety brakes.
  • Leg locking system.
  • Rigid ABS surfaces, removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • Compatible with the dedicated Incubator Transport Interface (ITC).
  • Load capacity: 181 kg.


  • UNI EN 1865 compliant.
  • Compatible with the UNI EN 1789 certified SLAM locking system.
  • CE Marking.
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Stretcher 26-S

CODE: 26-S

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