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Stretcher 5126-EL

CODE: 5126-EL-IT

Stretcher 5126-EL

A self-loading stretcher for safer and more practical transport.

Multilevel, self-loading, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to manoeuvre. It's called 5126-EL stretcher, where EL stands for “easy load”. In fact, this unit guarantees a proper procedure for loading and unloading the stretcher from the ambulance, reducing effort to a minimum and ensuring safer patient transport.

Why to choose the self-loading 5126-EL stretcher

It's multi-level. It can be positioned at 5 different heights in order to facilitate rescue procedures and to lighten the load on the back during lifting manoeuvres.

It's lightweight and sturdy. Its aluminium alloy structure weighs just 44 kg (including the frame), and can carry up to 250 kg.

It's safe. The rear caster wheels have a safety brake to prevents accidental movements.

It's easy to load and unload. It's equipped with a fall protection system to ensure risk-free manoeuvring during unloading operations.

It can be used as a field stretcher. The leg locking system keeps the stretcher legs raised and locked, thus allowing it to be used as a field stretcher wherever the terrain does not allow the wheels to be used.

It's designed for performing life-saving manoeuvres, as it's equipped with a rigid ABS top.

It has an adjustable backrest. It can be tilted at the head end (raised up to 80 degrees), as well as at the foot end, thus allowing the patient to be placed in the anti-shock Trendelenburg position, if necessary.

It allows for the transport of incubators, as it is compatible with the dedicated ITC interface (Incubator Transport Interface).

It's easy to clean. The ABS top can be removed to make cleaning operations even easier.

Main features of the 5126-EL stretcher

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium alloy structure.
  • Rigid ABS top adjustable to 5 different heights.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Fall protection system.
  • Rear caster wheels with safety brake.
  • Leg locking system for lifting.
  • Folding side edges.
  • Loading wheels for sliding the stretcher on the ambulance floor.
  • Compatible with the SLAM 5026 locking system (EN 1789 certified system).
  • Dedicated ITC interface for incubators.
  • CE Marking.
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Stretcher 5126-EL

CODE: 5126-EL-IT

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