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Xtreme Tirol Kit for Titan stretcher

CODE: 21-00056

Tirol Kit Xtreme 

One of the top aids for rescue operations in arduous environments. Easy to transport and assemble

The Tirol Kit recovery system is designed for use with the Toboga Titan stretchers, and facilitates rescue operations in arduous environments, making transportation safer. The Tirol Kit is designed to ensure maximum ease of use: it's lightweight, divisible and can even be assembled by a single operator.

Tirol Kit is available in 3 versions:

Tirol Kit with “slim” wheel (cod. 21-0120-023)
- Xtreme Tirol Kit with XXL wheel (cod. 21-00056)
- Xtreme Control Tirol Kit with XXL wheel, brake and safety light (cod. 21-00055)

What basket stretchers are compatible with Tirol Kit?

  • Titan-Ti with welded plates (cod. 11-0119TIROL);
  • TAPERED basket stretchers (cod. 11-0100A, 11-0118SL, 11-0119SL);
  • REGULAR basket stretchers (cod. 11-0101A, 11-0115SL, 11-0116SL).

    Please see the code guide for additional information.

What does Tirol Kit include?

   COD. 21-0120-023

   Tirol Kit with “slim” wheel

   COD. 21-00056

   Xtreme Tirol Kit with XXL wheel

   COD. 21-00055

   Xtreme Control Tirol Kit with XXL wheel, brake and safety light

  • “Slim” wheel kit
  • 1 Handles kit
  • 2 Shoulder supports
  • 1 Bag Tirol Kit
  • Xtreme wheel kit
  • 1 Handles kit
  • 2 Shoulder supports
  • 1 Bag Tirol Kit
  • Xtreme Control wheel kit
  • 1 Handles kit
  • 2 Shoulder supports
  • 1 Bag Tirol Kit
  • 1 XXL wheel storage bag


Why to choose the Tirol Kit

It's easy to transport. The Tirol Kit is light weight, can be divided into several parts, and can even be carried as a backpack. These features make it easy to transport, which is a major advantage for rescue operations in arduous environments.

It's easy to assemble. Thanks to the patented Fast Clip locking system, the kit can be quickly assembled and disassembled by a single operator. All the operations can even be carried out with the patient on board.

It's practical. The handles are positioned to improve the operator's field of vision. They're versatile and can be adjusted to 12 different positions, thus allowing the operators to overcome even the narrowest passages in complete safety. And that's not all: they can even be positioned to act as support legs for the stretcher itself, keeping the patient raised off the ground and offering greater convenience for the operators.

It simplifies transportation and makes it safer. The Tirol Kit is equipped with adjustable Shoulder Supports, which can be easily connected to the handles to lighten the load on the operators' arms, while at the same time ensuring balance and stability. The shoulder supports also ensure good visibility of the ground, allowing operators to find proper foot placement during the transport activities.

It can be used on difficult terrain. This device is equipped with a heavy duty wheel, with tread designed for mountainous terrain. The results? Excellent grip and manoeuvrability, even on dirty roads.

It's durable. The Tirol Kit is designed to endure over time. It's resistant to wear and abrasion thanks to the Niploy treatment on the handles.


Complete the Tirol Kit with the Titan Protection device.
Certain types of terrain may not be suitable for wheel transport. In these cases, the operators can use the Titan Protection device, a polyethylene cover that can be rolled out underneath the Toboga stretcher, in order to allow it to be safely dragged: the patient thus remains well isolated from the ground, while the stretcher's structure is protected against wear.


The main features of the Tirol Kit

  • Titanium structure.
  • Single-wheel transport system (either with “slim”, Xtreme or Xtreme Control wheel).
  • Heavy duty reinforced wheel with tread designed for mountainous terrain.
  • 4 Handles adjustable to 12 positions.
  • Shoulder Supports with heavy duty and adjustable “Cobra” buckles, equipped with a high visibility system.
  • Load capacity of 225 Kg.
  • Large bag for storing the entire kit.
  • XXL wheel storage bag (only included in the Xtreme Control version).   


Snow transport? Discover the Winter Kit.
The Winter Kit is a device specifically designed for snow transport and can be used by operators on skis. It consists of extension handles and casings for dragging the stretcher down snowy slopes.



  • EASA CS-27.865(a) and CS-29.865(a) EASA CM-CS-005 Issue 01
    European Union Aviation Safety Agency - “External loads”and “Helicopter external loads personnel carrying device system”.
  • EN ISO 10993-1:2020
    Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process (ISO 10993-1:2018).
  • EN ISO 14971:2019/A11:2021
    Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices (ISO 14971:2019)
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    Medical devices - Symbols to be used in information to be supplied by the manufacturer - Part 1: General requirements (ISO 15223-1:2021).
  • EN ISO 13485:2016+A11:2021
    Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes (ISO 13485:2016).
  • EN ISO 9001:2015
    Quality Management Systems - Requirements (ISO:9001:2015)
  • NATO number (NSN).
  • CE marking.
  • Compliant with the essential requirements of Annex I of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices
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Xtreme Tirol Kit for Titan stretcher

CODE: 21-00056

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