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Stretcher Toboga 71, orange, 1pc with 4 belts included

CODE: 0107100

Stretcher Toboga 71 only orange, with 4 belts included

The winch-connectible FERNO stretcher for rescues in arduous environments.

The Toboga 71 stretcher goes where other stretchers can't. It's designed for conducting rescue operations in particularly arduous environments and in confined spaces. It can be lifted both horizontally and vertically in order to facilitate the recovery procedure. It's durable, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and safe for the patient.


Why to choose the Toboga 71 stretcher

It's incredibly durable. Its casing is made from a material that's designed to be used on any type of terrain and under any conditions. It can carry up to 272 kg.

It's easy to manoeuvre. The stretcher weighs just 10 kg. There are two skids on the bottom in order to make it easier to drag, even over difficult terrain. It also has 12 handles around the perimeter, thus allowing it to be lifted and manoeuvred by multiple operators.

It can be lifted both vertically and horizontally. It's equipped with reinforced eye-bolts and restraints, which allow it to be safely lifted in both the horizontal and vertical positions.

It protects the patient. Its 4 restraints secure the patient in place; its footrest keeps them immobile; its shell shape protects them against potential side impacts.

It allows for immobilisation. The stretcher's shape is designed to allow for the insertion the aids needed to immobilise the patient, such as a spinal board, a SCOOPEXL™ stretcher, or a vacuum mattress. 

The main features of the Toboga 71 stretcher

  • Aluminium structure.
  • High density polyethylene casing with excellent resistance to chemicals, UV rays, corrosion and rust.
  • Closed cell foam mattress.
  • 4 safety restraints with metal buckle.
  • Cord around the entire perimeter of the stretcher for fastening the restraints.
  • 4 reinforced eyelets for winch-lifting operations.
  • 12 handles.
  • 2 skids for dragging the stretcher over difficult terrain.
  • Footrest.
  • Load capacity: 272 kg.
  • Weight: 10 kg.
  • CE Marking.
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In Stock

Stretcher Toboga 71, orange, 1pc with 4 belts included

CODE: 0107100


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