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The disassemblable Toboga 71-S stretcher - For technical rescues

CODE: 0107101

The disassemblable Toboga 71-S stretcher - For technical rescues

Disassemblable into two parts for easier transport.

Approved by alpine rescue and ski patrol teams, as well as by conventional rescue teams. The Toboga 71-S stretcher is designed for easy transport, even in arduous environments, and for storage in small spaces. In fact, unlike the other Toboga 71 models, it can be disassembled into two perfectly stackable parts, thus allowing it to be transported and stored more easily. It can even be connected to a winch, and is designed to be lifted both vertically and horizontally.


Why to choose the Toboga 71-S stretcher

It's easy to transport. It's disassemblable into two parts (head end and foot end), which can be perfectly stacked. This allows it to be transported and stored without any problems.

It's easy to manoeuvre. There are two skids on the bottom of the stretcher to make it easier to drag. The handles around the perimeter allow it to be lifted and manoeuvred by multiple operators.

It's lightweight. It weighs just 10 kg, but can carry up to 272 kg.

It can be connected to a winch. It's equipped with reinforced eye-bolts and restraints, which allow it to be lifted either horizontally or vertically, as required.

It's safe. It has a shell shape designed to protect the patient against any potential impacts. It even features 4 restraints for securing the patient, and a footrest to keep them as still as possible.

It allows for immobilisation. It allows for the possibility of inserting immobilisation aids, such as a spinal board, a SCOOPEXL™ stretcher, or a vacuum mattress.

It's durable. The stretcher is made of polyethylene, a material that's been shown to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Main features of the Toboga 71-S stretcher

  • Disassemblable into two stackable parts.
  • Aluminium structure.
  • High density polyethylene casing with excellent resistance to chemicals, UV rays, corrosion and rust.
  • Closed cell foam mattress.
  • 4 safety restraints with metal buckle.
  • Perimeter cord for fastening the restraints.
  • 4 reinforced eyelets for winch-lifting operations.
  • 12 handles.
  • 2 skids for dragging.
  • Footrest.
  • Load capacity: 272 kg.
  • Weight: 10 kg.
  • CE Marking.
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The disassemblable Toboga 71-S stretcher - For technical rescues

CODE: 0107101


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