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AS100 vacuum immobilizer for forearm

CODE: 005002012

For the safe and secure immobilisation of fractured upper arms, forearms and legs.


The AS series of vacuum immobilisers by FERNO includes:

  • the AS100 forearm immobiliser;
  • the AS120 upper arm immobiliser;
  • the AS140 leg immobiliser;
  • the AS150 long leg immobiliser.


What do these devices have in common? They're all designed to ensure the safe and secure immobilisation of limbs with fractures or joint injuries.


Be sure to also check out the 665 immobilisers for the lower limbs.


Why to choose the AS vacuum immobiliser

It's safe for the patient. The fractured limb's proper perfusion is always maintained thanks to the non-compressible granular material. In fact, this allows the device's surface to be shaped without compromising the circulation.

It simplifies your work activities. The convenient velcro straps facilitate the shaping of the immobiliser during decompression.

It's practical. What happens if the valve breaks while it's being used? No problem: it can be replaced in the field.

It's compatible with diagnostic imaging. Does the patient need to undergo X-ray examinations? The AS immobiliser is completely radiolucent.


Are you looking for a complete set of vacuum immobilisers? Check out the AS190 set: it even includes a manual pump, a repair kit, and a convenient transport and storage bag


The main features of the AS immobiliser

  • Made from vulcanised vinyl.
  • Padding in non-compressible granular material.
  • Velcro closures.
  • Next generation always-closed valve (replaceable).
  • Radiolucent.
  • Available for the forearm (AS100), the arm (AS140) and the leg (AS140 or AS150 long).
  • CE Marking.


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AS100 vacuum immobilizer for forearm

CODE: 005002012


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