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Saerbag 3


Created for the rescue and transport of an injured patient in a difficult environment.
It allows an immobilized patient to be transported on a Ferno SCOOPEXLTM stretcher, on a Ferno Millennia backboard or on a Ferno vacuum mattress and to be rescued using a winch and/ or ropes in a difficult environment, thanks to its special integrated lifting bridle.

The rescue bag has been tested according EASA CS 29.865 a), amdt. III.


Higly Resistant last generation fabric 

Highly resistant to traction, impermeable to 2,000 cm3 of water with a triple coating to avoid wear and tear over time. Water and oil repellent, stain and mold resistant treatment.


Reinforced Stitching 

Reinforced stitching to ensure the bag works properly over time and is safe in critical situations.

The stitching of the integrated lifting bridle is reinforced with back tacking with bonded black thread.


The cover

The bag has a semi-rigid Mylar cover with 3 windows: one at the front and two at the sides.

These allow the operator to monitor the patient and offer greater comfort during rescue operations.

They offer the patient more space and ‘breathability' in the face area, avoiding claustrophobia and increasing comfort during rescue operations. The large Mylar ‘windows' also allow the operator to monitor

the state of the patient and allow the patient to interact with the outside world, thus reducing anxiety.


Mylar is highly resistant to traction, humidity and most chemical agents. It does not fray at temperatures from –70°C to +150°C. Wind resistant.


The underside of the bag 

The underside of the bag has been designed for optimal resistance to tears and abrasion by being dragged across any rough or uneven surface. It is therefore suitable for all emergency situations and environments.


Adjusting the lenght 

The bag has an internal length adjustment system. This system allows the bag to be adapted to the patient immobilization device placed inside. It has two straps on both sides of the bag that can be easily adjusted by the operator.



The 4 integrated straps can be easily adjusted to immobilize the patient correctly: 2 upper torso straps, 1 leg strap and 1 foot strap


The lifting Bridle 

The integrated lifting bridle has 10 arms (5 per side) and two central lifting rings that karabiners are attached to for rescue operations. It has a shortening system with 4 integrated red loops.


Lifting bridle shortening system 

The lifting bridle shortening system ensures a correct and adequate distribution of the load on the arms of the lifting bridle if the bag has been shortened to the length of the SCOOPEXL stretcher inside.

The red loops of the lifting bridle shortening system are positioned on the outer arms of both sides of the lifting bridle.



Ears anti rotation sail 

The bag has two EARS anti rotation sails, positioned on both sides to guarantee maximum compatibility with most means of transport with a rotating sail. The EARS anti rotation sails control rotations caused by the movement of the helicopter during rescue operations.

The sails have an orange handle outside the pocket.

Patented system.


Anti rotation tag-line links 

The bag has 6 anti rotation tag-line links at the head, side and foot area. Among the 6 links there are two top release systems.


Top realease system 

These are positioned on both sides of the bag in the foot area. The two lateral top release systems allow the operator to undo the tag line at any time without a fuse system.


Securing straps 

The 6 inner securing straps allow the SCOOPEXL stretcher/backboard to be further secured inside the bag.

Each strap can be placed in 4 different positions, thanks to 4 loops sewn onto the bag. The operator can therefore easily and quickly decide where to position the straps according to the position of the handles in order to firmly secure the stretcher on the spot.


Lifting handles 

The bag has 6 high visibility red lifting handles at the head, center and foot area.


Monitor cable access 

The bag has monitor cable access that allows cables to be inserted into the device to monitor the patient.



The bag can be stored in the handy BAg SAERBAg III carrying case (supplied).

The FLYINg-BAg III bag/backpack is also available for transport. The Saerbag can be stored inside together with the SCOOPEXL scoop stretcher so that the whole bag and stretcher system is always ready for use. The FLYINg-BAg III can be carried on your shoulders.


Maximum length

2,000 mm

Minimum length

1,450 mm


600 mm


5 kg

Load capacity

160 kg



  • This can be used in helicopter rescue operations thanks to a high visibility attachment point 
  • Can be carried on the shoulders. If the shoulder straps are not used they can be placed in their special pocket
  • Hinged opening to insert the Saerbag III more easily
  • Padded underside for greater resistance
  • You can store the Saerbag III with the SCOOPEXL stretcher thanks to the storage compartment for the SCOOPEXL stretcher at the rear of the bag.


Ferno Italia Code



SAERBAg III yellow rescue bag for patient lifting and transport. Compatible with the SCOOPEXL STRETCHER and backboards. With 2 anti rotation sails and patient cover. Transport and storage bag included.


Kit for helicopter rescue. Includes: YELLOW SAERBAg III-Y with transport and storage bag, YELLOW SCOOPEXL stretcher with pin and equipped with 4 straps mod. 773 and head immobilizer mod. 365-E (including transport/storage bag), 1 WizLoc cervical collar model 449-i, 1 single-patient high protection blanket MW1002 and FLYINg-BAg III BAg/BACKPACK.


Bag/backpack specifically for KIT FLYINg III, black


Yellow transport and storage bag for SAERBAg III


Bag for transport and storage of head immobilizer 365-E


Single-patient high protection blanket


Orange anti rotation sail for basket stretchers


Available in a military version on request.
The SAERbAg III is supplied with a maintenance handbook. 

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Saerbag 3



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