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The KED® Verde 125C

CODE: 0313676

Flexibility and rigidity. These are the two main features of this device, which is designed for quickly rescuing patients from crashed vehicles.


It can be applied quickly, and guarantees maximum support for the spine, neck and head. These features make FERNO's KED® Verde 125C device perfect for rescuing patients trapped inside confined spaces, like crashed vehicles, as quickly as possible. In short, wherever extrication operations need to be carried out extremely rapidly.


Find out more about the XT extraction device, FERNO's revolutionary device for safe and rapid recovery operations. Even in confined spaces.


Why to choose the KED® Verde 125C

It's quick to apply. Every moment is precious during an extrication procedure. The KED® Verde 125C has a degree of horizontal flexibility that allows it to be quickly applied, even in confined spaces. In short, it allows the operator to save time.

It's safe. Its enveloping design guarantees maximum support for the patient's spine, neck and head. What's more, the gap between the device and the patient's head, neck or shoulders can be filled in thanks to the Adjusta-Pad™ foam pad. All this guarantees perfect immobilisation during the extrication operations, thus minimising the risk of injury.

It can be used on any patient. Whether adults, children, or pregnant women. The device adapts to the patient's body thanks to the adjustable restraints.

It's radiolucent. It can even be brought into the diagnostic departments, if necessary.

It's easy to transport. It weighs just 3 kg, and takes up very little space: it can be rolled up and placed in its convenient storage bag when not in use.

It's durable and easy-to-clean. The KED® Verde 125C is made from nylon with a vinyl coating: two materials chosen for their durability and ease of cleaning.


Main features of the KED® Verde 125C

  • Made from high strength nylon with a vinyl coating.
  • Adjustable and colour coded safety restraints.
  • Roll-up flaps around the head and over the torso.
  • Forehead strap and chin guard.
  • Pad in Adjusta-Pad™ foam.
  • 3 ergonomic carrying handles.
  • Radiolucent.
  • Load capacity: 227 kg.
  • Weight: 3 kg.
  • Transport bag included.
  • CE Marking.
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In Stock

The KED® Verde 125C

CODE: 0313676


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