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The EasyFix vacuum mattress with the READY2GO kit

CODE: 271501001

A complete set of everything you need for patient immobilisation and transport.


It's always ready, easy to use, and resistant to wear. The EasyFix vacuum mattress is a multi-function device that simplifies both the immobilisation and transport of the patient. The READY2GO kit contains everything needed to use the EasyFix, and consists of a set of Safety restraints, a foot pump, a repair kit, and a transport and storage bag.


Why to choose the EasyFix and the READY2GO kit

It ensures optimal immobilisation. The mattress's granular content is easily distributed, thus allowing the device to adapt perfectly to the patient's body. The vacuum seal is guaranteed by the on-off valve. The reinforced wooden base complements the head, neck and spine support.

It facilitates rescue operations. The 5 restraints are colour coded for quick identification and proper connection. The 10 reinforced side handles with ergonomic grips provide for a better distribution of the load. The EasyFix can even be positioned on the stretcher in place of the standard mattress.

It's practical. The shoulder bag included in the READY2GO kit allows the EasyFix to be conveniently transported and stored. The kit also contained everything needed to quickly repair the mattress if punctured.

It's easy to clean. The mattress can be quickly cleaned and disinfected thanks to its PVC coating.


The main features of the EasyFix mattress and the READY2GO kit

  • Easy to mould V-shaped design.
  • Internal polyester bag for containing the Styropor granules.
  • External material in polyester with PVC coating.
  • Reinforced wooden base.
  • 10 ergonomic and reinforced side handles.
  • On-off valve.
  • Radiolucent.
  • The READY2GO kit includes: 5 colour coded restraints; a foot pump; a repair kit; a shoulder bag for transport and storage.


The EasyFix mattress can also be purchased with the set of restraints only (code 271501000). The foot pump can also be purchased separately.


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The EasyFix vacuum mattress with the READY2GO kit

CODE: 271501001


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