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Winch-connectable Saerbag III rescue bag, stretcher, cervical collar, head immobiliser and backpack. Everything needed to perform helicopter rescue operations.


This is our “all-in-one” kit, which includes all the FERNO devices necessary, or that might be useful, during a helicopter rescue procedure. We're talking about: the winch-connectable Saerbag III rescue bag, the ScoopEXL scoop stretcher, the WizLoc cervical collar, the B-lock head immobiliser (with storage and carrying bag), and the Flying Bag III bag/backpack. It has absolutely everything you need.


What the FLYING kit includes

The ScoopEXL stretcher for immobilisation. A non-magnetic stretcher that provides the same degree of immobilisation as a spinal board. Its accommodating scoop shape ensures maximum comfort for the patient. It's convenient for the operator: it can be separated into two parts for easy transport; its ergonomic design helps the operator maintain proper posture during rescue procedures, and minimises the necessary manoeuvres. Fewer manoeuvres = less stress on the patient's spine.

The Saerbag III helicopter rescue bag. Winch-connectable, durable and practical. Once immobilised on the stretcher, the Saerbag III rescue bag envelops the patient and allows them to be lifted and transported by helicopter. The bag is equipped with the EARS anti-rotation sail, a system patented by FERNO that prevents the unit from rotating. It therefore provides the operator with greater control. The person being rescued can be constantly monitored during the operations through the 3 transparent windows in the hood, which also serve to prevent patient claustrophobia. And it features a practical access point for monitor cables.

The WizLoc adjustable cervical collar. A multi-size collar for the immobilisation of the cervical spine. It can be used on 90% of trauma patients, even paediatric patients ages 6 and up. In fact, its most important feature is that it's fully adjustable: the mandibular support has a micrometric adjustment system, while the occipital support can be adjusted to 3 positions. It thus ensures quick and precise immobilisation.

Head immobiliser B-lock.The B-lock head immobiliser is designed for use with the ScoopEXL stretcher. Its velcro straps allow it to be easily fastened to the stretcher and quickly applied to the patient, thus ensuring the safe and proper immobilisation of the patient's head. The openings in the head immobiliser's side blocks also allow the patient's ears to be constantly monitored. The device even comes with a convenient bag for practical transport and storage.

The Flying Bag III bag/backpack. Winch-connectable, and easy to carry both over the shoulder and by hand, as the shoulder straps can be stored in the dedicated pocket whenever necessary. The Flying Bag III bag/backpack opens up like a book to facilitate the insertion of the Saerbag III rescue bag, and has a padded bottom for maximum durability. There's even a special compartment in the back of the bag that's designed to house the ScoopEXL stretcher.

The main features of the devices contained in the FLYING kit

ScoopEXL stretcher: aluminium alloy and high density HDPE polymer structure; non-magnetic; patented Twin Safety Lock (TSL) system; collapsible and divisible into 2 parts; length adjustable up to 2010 mm; load capacity: 227 kg.

Saerbag III: EARS anti-rotation sails; integrated 10-branch suspension with 4-slot shortening system; transparent Mylar hood for patient monitoring; access for monitor cables; bag length adjustable by means of 2 straps.

WizLoc cervical collar: multi-size; adjustable mandibular and occipital supports; velcro fasteners; radiolucent; non-magnetic.

B-lock head immobiliser: waterproof and easy-to-clean vinyl coating; two lateral blocks with openings for monitoring the ears; extra-thick headrest; two straps with central padded sections, one for the forehead and one for the chin.

Flying Bag III bag/backpack: winch-connectable; shoulder straps; fold-open design; padded bottom; SCOOPEXL™ stretcher storage compartment.


  • ScoopEXL: UNI EN 1865; locking devices UNI EN 1789 certified; SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK device.
  • Saerbag III: bag tested in accordance with the EASA Standard - CS 29.865 a) amendment III.
  • All the kit's devices bear the CE marking.
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CODE: 21-00027

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