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The 445 universal head immobiliser for spinal boards

CODE: 0313855

Suitable for all FERNO spinal boards. For quick and safe immobilisation.


While the 445 universal head immobiliser is designed for use with spinal boards, it's also compatible with our atraumatic stretchers, like the SCOOPEXL™. With this device, the head can be immobilised both quickly and safely.


Discover FERNO's Millennia and NAJO model spinal boards.


Why to choose the 445 universal head immobiliser

It's easy to use. The head immobiliser has a universal base that's suitable for both spinal boards and atraumatic stretchers; the restraints allow it to be quickly attached to whichever device you're using.

It's comfortable for the patient. Both the forehead strap and chin strap are padded, thus rendering the head immobiliser more comfortable for the patient.

It allows the patient's condition to be constantly monitored. Both lateral blocks have openings that allow the operator to constantly monitor the ear canal.

It's easy to clean. The external waterproof coating prevents liquids from being absorbed, thus making the device easier to disinfect.


The main features of the 445 head immobiliser

  • Waterproof coating.
  • Two lateral blocks with openings; closed cell internal structure and external plastic coating.
  • Headrest base suitable for use with all FERNO spinal boards and atraumatic stretchers.
  • Two padded straps, one for the forehead and one for the chin.
  • Restraints for attachment to the stretcher.
  • CE Marking.


Be sure to also check out the 365-E head immobiliser, which is designed for the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher, but can also be used with other types of devices.

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The 445 universal head immobiliser for spinal boards

CODE: 0313855


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