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Set of 4 restraints for the XT extrication device

CODE: 25-0500-001

The restraint kit for rapid and cautious extrication using the XT extrication device.


Two torso restraints and two groin restraints. Colour coded for quick and easy identification. Excellent hold. This set helps make the XT rapid extrication device a #fernomenal accessory for even the most delicate rescue operations.


The set of XT restraints is always among the accessories furnished with the XT rapid extrication device, which also include the QHI-B head immobiliser, the chin strap, the auxiliary handles, and the carrying bag. A new or spare set can be purchased separately here.


Why to choose the set of XT restraints

It's practical. The restraints are all colour coded to facilitate their positioning and order of assembly.

It is an excellent extrication aide. The set includes two torso restraints, to be applied in a cross-wise fashion, and two groin straps. They must be applied to the extrication device before “entering into action” (see the user manual), and guarantee perfect extrication, whether of a rapid or cautious nature.


If you're looking for other accessories for use with the XT extrication device, be sure to also check out the QHI-B head immobiliser; the triangular head immobiliser and chin strap for the QHI-B; the auxiliary handles; and the carrying bag.


The main features of the set of XT restraints

  • 2 torso restraints (yellow and red).
  • 2 groin restraints (black and green). 
  • Each restraint consists of two pieces and a coloured plastic buckle.
  • Quick replacement.
  • CE Marking.
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In Stock

Set of 4 restraints for the XT extrication device

CODE: 25-0500-001


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