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Locking system 561-V

CODE: 561-V

The system for locking the atraumatic stretcher in its vertical position.


Safer and faster, with less occupied in the ambulance. FERNO's 561-V locking system allows the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher to be locked in its vertical position and released in very little time, with two simple gestures.


Why to choose the 561-V locking system
It's safe.
It's tested according to the EN 1789 standard and is specifically designed for use with the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher, so there's no better fastening system for this device.

It's quick and practical. Just turn the handle and press the button. These two simple gestures are all it takes to lock/release the stretcher.

It's space-saving. It allows the stretcher to be locked in its vertical position in order to save space in the ambulance.


The main features of the 561-V locking system

  • The locking system for SCOOPEXL™ stretchers (vertical position).
  • Two bars, one above and one below.
  • Lower bar equipped with two hooks.
  • Upper bar with handle and button for securing/removing the device.



  • Tested according to the EN 1789 standard.
  • CE Marking.
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Locking system 561-V

CODE: 561-V

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