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STBC - Biocontainment Transport System

CODE: 21-00008


STBC - Biocontainment Transport System

Designed for the safe transport of patients affected by contagious pathogens (SARS-COVID virus)

During the transportation of a person infected with pathogenic microorganisms, it is important to ensure the patient's isolation. For this reason, the STBC biocontainment transport system is essential to avoid the spread of class III contagious pathogens (SARS-COVID virus) among rescue personnel.

The STBC system is designed to be compatible with all FERNO self-loading cots. In fact, STBC can be fastened my means of the ITC and does not require permanent changes to the stretchers in service on the ambulance.

Why work with the STBC system?

Simple transfers. The structure is semi-rigid and can be transferred on any type of Ferno stretcher without having to take the patient out of the protection chamber.

It is practical. The side opening allows quick access, greatly facilitating rescue operations and ensuring maximum safety. The 8 gloves portals (4 on each side) allow the operators to work on the patient in total comfort. Lastly, the backrest is reclinable in a semi-sitting position to provide an indispensable support for the patient's respiratory functions.

It is safe. The restraints set inside the protection chamber is anchored directly to the frame. The patient can be properly stabilized, avoiding accidental damages that would compromise the seal.

Respects your health. STBC is made of phthalates-free PVC and the gloves supplied are LATEX FREE.

The main features of the STBC system

  • • Compatible with all FERNO cots.

    • Semi-rigid structure.

    • Quick side access.

    • Reclining backrest.

    • Phthalates- and latex-free.

    • EN 1789: 2020 crash tested at 10G.

    • CE mark.


  • According to regulation 2017/745 as a class I medical device.

  • Control unit: EN 60601-1-12: 2015 (EMC).

  • Stretcher: EN 1789: 2020 (10G).

  • Chamber: ISO 10993-5: 2009 (Biocompatibility)

  • CE mark.

Technical specifications


1900 mm / 75 in


600 mm / 23,6 in


620 mm / 24 in


35 kg / 77 lb

Load capacity

180 kg / 397 lb

Storage envelope size

700x650x260 mm / 27,5 x 25,5 x 10 in

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STBC - Biocontainment Transport System

CODE: 21-00008


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