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Eagle Nest 3

CODE: 21-0150-007

Eagle Nest 3 - Tripod for Human Lift

Eagle Nest 3, wholly manufactured in titanium, is included in the category of mobile anchorages and is certified in accordance with EN 795/2015 regulation. The high resistance of this device, together with its low weight, provide extreme reliability combined with ease of
assembly (can be fully assembled and disassembled by a single operator) which further speeds up rescue operations.
The wide basic opening - 2x2m - ensures high stability and a large working area, thus facilitating any type of rescue operation, even in industrial environments.

What does the Eagle Nest 3 include?
- Transport bag
- 3 feet, ball joint
- 3 legs, extractable element
- 3 legs, fixed element
- Aluminium head
- 12 locking pins
- 1 head connector
- 1 head ring
- Polyester catenary wires
- 4 connectors for chain

Why to choose the Eagle Nest 3

LIGHTWEIGHT, RESISTANT, TRANSPORTABLE, EASY. These are the key words describing Eagle Nest design, capable of transforming these simple adjectives into real strengths.

TITANIUM Ti-3AI-2,5V alloy, excellent impact resistance, great flexibility, exceptional resistance to acids and salt corrosion. This alloy is as resistant as steel but 56% lighter.

300 kg of load capacity.

Adjustable through 5 positions.

Fastening 12 pins and 3 feet ball joint. Compatible with snow pickets, ice screws, rock expansion bolts

Support foot for any surface.

Overall weight: 22 kg.

Certified for lifting of 3 persons

Backpackable and divisible.
transport in bag 140x40x20 cm

Material: cordura 500, Abrasion-resistant


- EN 795/2015
- CE/TS 16415 : 2013

Technical specifications

Maximum height 2702 mm
Weight 22 kg


3-toed foot 25-1900-002
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Eagle Nest 3

CODE: 21-0150-007

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