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Plastic non-magnetic restraint 430-PA-2-N

CODE: 430-PA-2-N

Plastic non-magnetic restraint

Even compatible with the ScoopEXL stretcher and the EzGlide and Venice chairs.

A two-piece restraint with a plastic quick-release buckle. Maximum safety, maximum practicality.

Be sure to also check out the 430-2-N two-piece restraint with metal quick-release buckles.

Why to choose non-magnetic restraint

It's safe. This restraint renders the stretcher compatible with the UNI EN 1789 regulation on ambulances.

It's convenient. The quick release system and the hemmed base, which prevents the restraint from slipping out of the buckle, are two features that make this accessory extremely practical.

It's versatile. It can be used for stretchers, as well as for the FERNO EzGlide and Venice chairs. And since it doesn't have any metal parts, it can be brought into X-ray imaging and MRI departments without any problems.

The main features of the non-magnetic restraint

  • Black two-piece restraint.
  • 5 cm nylon strap.
  • Quick-release plastic buckle with self-eject mechanism.
  • Frame fastening by constriction.
  • Even compatible with the ScoopEXL stretcher without pins and the EzGlide and Venice series chairs.
  • Available in black, red and orange. 
  • CE Marking.
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In Stock

Plastic non-magnetic restraint 430-PA-2-N

CODE: 430-PA-2-N


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