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Pelvic band Sam sling small

CODE: 0832063

Limits haemorrhaging as a result of pelvic fractures. Proven safety and effectiveness.


25% of pelvic fractures with haemorrhaging are fatal (US data). The SAM Sling pelvic stabilisation belt can therefore be considered a real lifesaving device, and is available in small, medium and large versions. Is it safe? Absolutely! Its safety and effectiveness have been proven by several clinical studies and trials.


Why to choose the SAM Sling belt

It's safe. The device's strength lies in its safety system, which is automatically engaged when the tension applied to the pelvis becomes excessive. This ensures effective and risk-free stabilisation.

It's durable. The material of which the belt is made is designed to render it durable and non-deformable, thus allowing it to be used on any type of terrain, with no risk of damage. 

It poses no problems for diagnostic tests and surgery

The belt's application will not pose any operational issues once the patient has been brought to hospital: ureteral catheters can be inserted if necessary, and diagnostic X-ray and ultrasound imaging can be performed without any problems. Clinical studies have even shown that invasive operating room procedures can be performed without removing the pelvic stabilisation belt.


The main features of the SAM Sling

  • Made from durable and non-deformable material.
  • Tension limiting safety system.
  • Usable both inside and outside of the hospital environment.
  • Radiolucent.
  • Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
  • CE Marking.
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In Stock

Pelvic band Sam sling small

CODE: 0832063


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