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Sedia Venice Plus Black

CODE: 21-0082-001-BLK

Venice Plus chair

Venice Plus. The only stair climbing chair on the market with the Keep Control Track

With the Venice line, you're free to create your very own stair climbing chair. It can be customised with all your preferred accessories from among those that we've developed specifically for this unit. Or, if you prefer, you can choose one of our preconfigured models:

  • The ultra-lightweight Venice model;
  • The Venice Plus model, with its innovative mechanical track and adjustable brake;
  • The Venice Power model, with its motorised track.

Each version can be configured as desired, even after purchase. In fact, the specially-designed Venice line can be upgraded at any time.

Why to choose the Venice stair climbing chair

It's customisable. It can be configured with any of the following accessories: footrest kit, adjustable lower limb support kit, headrest, armrest kit, VeniceClack locking device (10G and UNI EN 1789 certified), narrow wheel kit, short handle kit, and motorisation kit.

It's lightweight and handy. It's the lightest on the market and the chair is equipped with elements that make it comfortable and practical to use in any environment.

It's compact. It can be stored inside an ambulance, in a space just 20 cm deep.

It has a high load bearing capacity. It can carry up to 230 kg, and is therefore even suitable for transporting bariatric patients.

It's reliable. It has systems that make the handling and transport operations safe and practical for both you and the patient. It's UNI EN 1865 certified for safety. Its locking device is 10G certified, in compliance with the current standards.

Choose the Venice Plus version if...

You prefer the stair climbing chair with the new mechanical Keep Control track, which makes descending the stairs safer and less difficult. The extendable rear handle ensures the operator's proper posture during the handling operations, without overexerting the back.

Venice Plus. The only stair climbing chair on the market with the Keep Control mechanical track

The new mechanical Keep Control track replaces the manual track, and is the only system on the market that allows the stair descent speed to be managed by adjusting the track's tension. The track's friction on the step can be adjusted using a simple knob. This system allows the safest and most suitable speed to be selected based on the patient's weight or the slope of the staircase. The mechanical track even provides for a better grip on the steps than the previous version with the notched runner.

The Venice model can even be used on narrow staircases

Narrow staircase? No problem. The Venice model is the only stair climbing chair suitable for tight spaces. It can be made even more manageable with a mechanical track (on the Venice Plus version) or a motorised track (already mounted on the Venice Power version), both of which also reduce the risk of slipping.

The main features of the Venice model

  • Lightweight and compact aluminium structure.
  • 2 body restraints, 1 foot restraint.
  • 200x50 mm and 150x30 mm wheels; front magnetic caster wheels (more manageable and practical during storage).
  • Telescopic front handles, extendable to 5 positions (for improved safety and manageability during transport on stairs, and to allow the second operator to interact with, reassure, and constantly monitor the patient).
  • Opening system (to prevent the chair from accidentally opening or closing), which is engaged through the AS system (increases patient stability during transport).
  • Ergonomic ABS seat.
  • 2-year warranty.

Additional features on the Venice Plus model

  • The new Keep Control mechanical track.
  • Extendable rear handle.


  • UNI EN 1865 certified.

  • Locking device 10G and UNI EN 1789 certified.

  • Controller IP56 certified.

  • CE Marking.

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Sedia Venice Plus Black

CODE: 21-0082-001-BLK

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