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WizLoc JUNGLE - Multi-size paediatric cervical collar

CODE: 21-0140-020

WizLoc JUNGLE - Multi-size paediatric cervical collar

An adjustable cervical collar designed for children ages 2 through 10. With game book and stickers included.

When the patient is a child, the ability to calm them is just as important as the speed and precision of the rescue procedures themselves. That's why we created the WizLoc JUNGLE paediatric cervical collar. It's quick to apply. It can be adjusted to obtain maximum spinal immobilisation. It comes with a game book and stickers to keep the child patient distracted throughout all the rescue operations.


Need collars for adults as well?
Check out the WizLoc cervical collar for patients ages 6 and up.


Why to choose the WizLoc JUNGLE cervical collar

It's suitable for all paediatric patients. In addition to being adjustable, the WizLoc JUNGLE allows for both single-piece use, for faster positioning, and two-piece use, in order to be adapted to patients with special needs.

It entertains the child. The supplied game book and stickers keep the child patient entertained and reassured throughout immobilisation and transport procedures. There are even instructions for parent conduct, translated into multiple languages.

It's radiolucent and non-magnetic. The device can be brought into X-ray imaging and MRI departments without any problems if necessary.

It's easy to clean. The closed-cell hypo-allergenic internal materials are designed to prevent the absorption of biological fluids.


How to adjust the WizLoc JUNGLE
After having inserted the collar – either from the right or the left, depending on the needs of the operator and the patient – the operator can: perform a micrometric adjustment at the front to adapt the device to the patient and ensure the neutral alignment of the cervical tract; adjust the rear section (shapeable) to prevent occipital compression.
Want to learn more about how to use this device? The FERNO ACADEMY offers a specific training course.


The main features of WizLoc JUNGLE

  • Single and two-piece use.
  • Micrometric adjustment at the front.
  • Adjustable and shapeable rear section.
  • Hypo-allergenic internal material.
  • Radiolucent and non-magnetic.
  • Decontaminable up to 10 times.
  • Numeric decontamination stickers to be applied on the collar.
  • Game book and stickers included.
  • CE Marking.

Technical specifications

Max Length open: 450 mm
Height: front 160 mm
Height: back 150 mm
Weight 180 g
Range of application 2-10 years old
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WizLoc JUNGLE - Multi-size paediatric cervical collar

CODE: 21-0140-020


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