CUSTOM-M Ambulance Cot

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The new Ferno CUSTOM-M ambulance cot is designed to provide maximum efficiency, ease and ergonomics for a safe patient transport without chance of stress for operators.

With the mechanical rear leg release system, guarantees the maximum performance when loading and unloading from an ambulance without using any lever.
Conforms to UNI EN 1865-1:2010.

Main Features

The frame
The aluminium frame construction provides the best combination between lightness and strength, guaranteeing high manoeuvrability and transportability of the cot.

4 height positions 
This height adjustment permits the adaptation of the stretcher to the needs of the rescue operation and of operators, reducing the load on the spinal column and the chance of injury when lifting.

Rear Leg Release System
During loading, the pressure on the bracket actives the system that unblocks the rear legs permitting the correct loading without using the rear legs control handle.
During unloading, the rear leg release system guarantees the correct opening of the rear legs and the safe and correct unloading.

The wheels 
The front and rear wheels have a larger diameter (150 mm) to maximize cot mobility and to optimize cot stability.
Two 360° swivel rear wheels are equipped with integrated wheel locks that avoid the risk of accidental movements of the cot.

Adjustable backrest 
With the control handle, operators are able to raise or lower the backrest to the desired position.
Adjustable up to 80°.

Shock frame
It allows to elevate the patient’s legs to Trendelenburg position.
Operators are able to raise the shock frame with the side control levers.

Swing-Dow n Sidearms
The sidearms twist 180° and disappear out of sight.
The mechanism is integrated in the rail and can be activated by using only one hand.

Leg lock system
It allows to lift and carry the cot safely by locking the legs before lifting.

Safety lock system 
The safety lock system prevents the cot from being unloaded from the ambulance before the front legs have been completely unfolded to the normal transport position. It avoids the risk of accidental falls of the cot while unloading.

Technical specifications

CodeDescriptionLoad LimitWeightHeight MaxHeight MinLenghtWidth  Loading Height
CUSTOM-MBarella Custom M

181 Kg

400 lb

47 Kg

104 lb

880 mm

34,64 in

240 mm

9,45 in

1970 mm

78 in

550 mm

22 in

740 mm

29 in

INFO: This article is not included of mattress + belts (KIT-BLACK) and locking system with front anchor (SLAM-26). Check Up the Accessories.

Wheel Specification

WheelRear wheelFront wheel

150 mm 

6 in

150 mm

6 in


44 mm

2 in

44 mm

2 in

Available models

Multi-level self-loading stretcher 4 pos. with mechanical rear leg unlocking on foot sideCUSTOM-M
Multi-level self-loading motorised stretcher 4 pos. with mechanical rear leg unlocking on foot side, with battery and charger includedCUSTOM-PWR


Ambulance locking system certified EN 1789 (including front anchor)
Kit for series 5026 stretchers (includes: one 359-21 mattress, 1 belt 417-1N and 2 belts 430-2-N)KIT-BLACK
Mattress 359-21 in sections, black0374857
Restraint 417-1N with 4 points, black0313915
Quick hook belt, 2 pieces, metal buckle, black430-2-N
Collapsing IVF pole with sections for circular frame513-10E
Gas bottle carrier 514 OXY-CLIP, removable for side panel0085500
Interface for ITC incubator (6 anchor locks included)

Repertory number

 Repertory numberCode CND

CUSTOM-M Ambulance Cot

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6,987.00€ 5,590.00€