26-B Self-loading Stretcher

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26-B is the new self-loading stretcher also suitable for the transport and management of large patients (bariatric devices).  It is part of the model 26 series of stretchers. It maintains the same use features, compatibility with the attachment to the loading platform and accessories of the same type.

Main features
  • New reinforced structure. Rigid aluminium surfaces allow the execution of life-saving manoeuvres.
  • Heavy-load frame. 280 kg capacity with safety coefficient SWR of 1.5 which also guarantees intense daily safe use.
  • Aluminium alloy structure that makes 26-B robust and light, guaranteeing optimal manoeuvrability during patient transport and during loading and unloading from rescue vehicles.
  • Large wheels with a diameter of 150 mm, fully sealed for greater protection against wear. The two rear wheels are pivoting and equipped with a safety brake.
  • Safety brake, new ergonomic brake designed to be activated with safety shoes without risk of breaking.
  • Equipped with folding side edges with double adjustment, backrest adjustable in several positions and anti-shock frame that allows positioning the patient in the Trendelenburg position.
  • Coupling of the front folding and reinforced frame part. Thanks to this system, the stretcher can be reduced in length, allowing its use even in tight spaces.
  • Compatible with the LBS (Large Body Surface) system which provides a larger surface area for better comfort for bariatric patients.
  • Equipped with a leg locking system, which allows operators to lift and transport the stretcher like a transfer chair, safely locking the legs during the lift even when using the extended LBS ("Large Body Surface").
  • Possibility of training about the product provided by Ferno Academy.
  • Compliance with EN 1865. Compatible with the SLAM locking system for ambulance transport (EN 1789 certified system).

Technical specifications

CodeDescriptionLoad CapacityLoading HeightWidthLength MaxLength MinWeight
26-B-R 26 B Stretcher280 Kg610-640 mm550 mm1920 mm1670 mm35 Kg

INFO: This article is not included of mattress + belts and locking system with front anchor (SLAM-26). Check Up the Accessories.


Part no.


LBS (Large Body Surface)


LBS (folding) mattress


ITC (Interface for incubator fixing)


IV Pole


Pac-Rac (material holder)


4-point restraints


1-piece restraints


2-piece restraints




SLAM locking


WARNING: Never exceed the load capacity of 26-B. Inspect the stretcher if the load capacity has been exceeded (see “Inspection” section).
SWR- Strength to Weight Ratio = 8
Safety coefficient = 1.5

26-B Self-loading Stretcher

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6,418.00€ 5,134.00€