26-S Self-loading Stretcher

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              Safe patient transport with minimal effort for operators.
               and unloading manoeuvres from rescue vehicles are facilitated.

              Main features

              • The aluminium alloy structure provides strength and lightweight, ensuring the stretcher's optimummanoeuvrability and transportability.
              • The front part of the 26-S stretcher can be collapsed so that it can be used in confined spaces, such as elevators.
              • The front and rear legs are protected by a polyethylene cover that reduces the risk of wear and tear due to normal use during loading and unloading from rescue vehicles.
              • The 26-P stretcher is equipped with an adjustable backrest and a shock-resistant frame, which allows the patient to be placed in the Trendelenburg position, and collapsible siderails.
              • The two rear wheels are swivelingself-tracking and are equipped with an integrated safety brake, for use by the operator. The brake prevents the risk of accidental movements and displacements.
              • Equipped with aleg locking system, that allows operators to lift and move the stretcher like a sedan chair, safely locking the legs during lifting.
              • Rigid ABS floors allow operators to perform life-saving manoeuvres. They can be removed for easy cleaning.
              • Thanks to compatibility with the dedicated ITC (Incubator Transport Interface), incubators can be transported.
              • Compliant with standard EN1865 and the SLAM locking system for ambulance transportation (EN 1789 certified system).

              Technical specifications

              CodeDescriptionLoad CapacityLoading HeightHeight MaxWidthWidth MinWeight
              26-S 26 S Stretcher181 Kg610-640 mm810 mm1920 mm1570 mm27 Kg

              : This article is not included of mattress + belts
               (KIT-BLACK) and locking system with front anchor (SLAM-26). Check Up the Accessories.


              Description Code
              Kit complete with 359-21 mattress, 2 belts 430-2-N and 1 belt 417-1N
              Rapid release belt, 2-piece, metal buckle
              417-1N Four-point black belt
              SLAM locking system with front anchor
              514 OXY-CLIP, removable cylinder holder
              274 PAC-RAC, instrument holder tray
              Detachable IVF pole513-10E
              ITC interface for incubators
              Piano allargato per trasporto bariatrico0819991


              26-S Self-loading Stretcher

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              4,599.00€ 3,679.00€