Pedi-Pac mod.78

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  • Pedi-Pac mod.78

Produced for the immobilization and transport of paediatric patients, in particular between 711 and 1372 mm in height and weighing between 9 e 41 kg.

Main features

  • The PEDI-PAC immobilizer consists of a table with removable nylon cover that is resistant to body fluids.
  • It is equipped with a system of 5 integrated safety belts, which allows pediatric patients to be transported safely and effectively.
  • PEDI-PAC is complete with 2 bands, forehead and chin guard, a head support, 4 carrying handles with ergonomic grip and 2 rings for attachment to the stretcher.
  • Thanks to its weight and minimal footprint, it can be used to extricate paediatric patients from confined areas and was designed to facilitate treatment operations and application of the intraosseous infusion access.
  • The PEDI-CAP immobilizer is equipped with a foldable wedge to easily adjust the neutral alignment of the patient's cervical spine and a double pelvic belt, which allows the correct mounting in accordance with the patient's stage of development.
  • It also allows independent fastening of the lower and upper limbs.
  • Easy to clean.

 Technical specifications

Model Length Width Weight Load capacity
0313065 mod.78 1220 mm 230 mm 3 kg 41 kg


Pedi-Pac mod.78

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835.00€ 668.00€