Multi-sized Pediatric Cervical Collar WIZLOC JUNGLE

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Multi-sized Pediatric Cervical Collar WIZLOC JUNGLE

Ferno’s WizLoc JUNGLE collar is a multisized cervical immobilizer specifically studied for traumatized patients in the age bracket including 2 to 10 years. The pediatric Wizloc Jungle collar allows you to manage all types of injuries resulting from head trauma.

Main Features

  • Mono-valve use: easy and quick positioning.
  • Bi-valve use: can be adapted to patients with particular needs.
  • Can be placed into position either from the left or right side of the patient according to the patient or operator needs.
  • Micrometric front adjustment: major adaptability to the patient and neutral spine alignment.
  • Rear section adjustment: can be used on an amble range of pediatric patients without occipital compression.
  • Adjustment directly on the patient with collar in place.
  • Rear section can easily be shaped and adapted to any form of the occipital area.
  • Hypoallergenic lining, closed cell, to avoid absorption of biological liquids.
  • Totally x-ray transparent and MRI compatible.
  • Can be totally decontaminated (up to 10 times).
  • Numbered decontamination stickers to affix directly on the collar (provided).
  • Behavior instructions for parents translated into the most common languages spoken.
  • Amble range of use: pediatric patients from 2 to 10 years of age..

Technical specifications

Multi-sized Pediatric Cervical Collar WIZLOC JUNGLE

Info: WizLoc JUNGLE, multisized pediatric cervical collar, comes with adhesive numbers to keep track of how many times it has been decontaminated and with an album and stickers for children.

Max Length open: 450 mm
Height: front 160 mm
Height: back 150 mm
Weight 180 g
Range of application 2-10 years old




Multi-sized Pediatric Cervical Collar WIZLOC JUNGLE

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34.00€ 28.00€