Neo-Mate Transportation system

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  • Neo-Mate Transportation system

Innovative belt system to move small patients.

Main features

  • Designed to safely move paediatric patients who weigh between 3.2 kg and 6.4 kg (7-14 lbs).
  • Compatible with most Ferno stretchers and can be installed thanks to the three belts that come with it.
  • Fully adjustable, secures the paediatric patient using the 5 point harness ensuring safe transport.
  • Compact and easy to store: just roll it up.
  • Completely in vinyl, non-toxic and easy to clean.

Technical specifications

Length 500 mm
Width 270 mm
Weight 1,3 kg
Load capacity minimum 3,2 kg - maximum 6,4 kg

Code Description
Newborn immobiliser for transporting on a stretcher  

Neo-Mate Transportation system

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409.00€ 327.00€