Silicone Reusable BVM for Adult

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  • Silicone Reusable BVM for Adult

Spiracle Technology’s complete line of Reusable Silicone Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators offers a high quality. From neonates to adults, the FERNO2 BVM line is designed for effective manual resuscitation and it has been designed for use from the harshest environments of Search & Rescue and EMS, to the demanding environment of ER’s. 

The textured surface identifies the grip area for maximum stroke volume delivery while assisting in a sure grip and the soft feel provides good feedback on compliance issues. The clear mask dome, patient valve housing and the bag inlet and outlet allow the operator to easily view the function of the BVM. Easy viewing of the BVM and its components, allows the operator to make the proper adjustments before and during ventilation.

Main Features

  • Silicone material provides excellent bag re-expansion
  •  Superior feel of lung compliance helps reduce risk of over-inflation
  •  Sized for adult, pediatric (5.5-55 lb.), and infant patient ventilation
  •  Integrated intake/oxygen valve for ease of oxygen delivery
  •  Easy to disassemble/assemble for efficient cleaning
  •  See-through mask with unique multi-function mask cover
  •  40 cm H2O pressure-relief valve standard on pediatric/infant models
  •  BVM's can be used in conjunction with FERNO2 HFOC Model 301 to achieve 100% oxygen delivery
  •  Comes complete with mask reservoir bag and O2 tubing



Maximum Volume (Approx)
Measured Volume "Bag"
Measured Volume "Reservoir"
Bag & Mask - Silicone, Valve & Fittings - Polycarbonate, Valve & Flappers - Silicone,  O2 Reservoir & Tube - PVC
261 kg
Operation Temperature
-18o C to 50o C
Storage Temperature
-40o C to 60o C

Silicone Reusable BVM for Adult

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129.00€ 103.00€