Bag valve mask BVM

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Ferno2has created a complete line of high-performance, top-quality BVM (Bag Valve Mask) Resuscitators.

The BVM resuscitators have been designed and manufactured to ensure efficient manual ventilation of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in any emergency situation. The BVM resuscitators are made of PVC and are 100% latex-free.

The surface of the bag and the supporting handle ensure a firm, ergonomic and comfortable grip in order to allow efficient ventilation. They ensure an optimum perception of the patient's lung compliance.
The bag and the transparent face mask permit continuous visual monitoring and control of a patient's condition.

Thanks to the rotatable patient valve (up to 360°), it is not necessary for the face mask to be removed when the operator changes position, thus ensuring free positioning of the bag.

Main features

            • Ready-to-GO: each kit (Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal) is available in a handy carry bag always ready for use.
            • Ergonomic grip: the ergonomic shape and surface of the bag ensure optimal adherence and grip. The integrated handle makes it easy to use in all emergency situations, making it even more practical during prolonged events.
            • The bag can be connected to a pressure gauge.
            • Free bag positioning: it is not necessary for the face mask to be removed when the operator changes position.
            • Easy to store.

            Technical specifications

            Model BAG VALVE MASK BVM
            Product Codes T30533 (A:adult) , T30532 (P:paediatric), T30531(N:neonatal)
            Descrizione BVM resuscitator for adult (A:adult), paediatric (P:paediatric) and neonatal (N:neonatal) patients
            Maximum volumeA: 1030 ml; P: 535 ml; N: 230 ml
            Unit volume compressible A: 1385 ml; P: 975 ml; N: 330 ml
            Reservoir volume A: 3250 ml; P: 3250 ml; N: 810 ml
            Face mask sizes
            5 (A), 3 (P), 1 (N)

            Latex and DEHP Free

            Masks and compressible units: PVC

            Valves and couplings: K-Resin

            Valves: Silicon

            Tube and Reservoir: PVC

            Weight 484 g (adult), 337 g (paediatric), 268 g (newborn)
            Functioning temperature interval
            from -18°C to 50°C
            Storage temperature interval from -40°C to 60°C





            Bag valve mask BVM

            In Stock Product Code: T30531

            35.00€ 28.00€