EasyFix vacuum mattress

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Main features

  • Vacuum mattress with inside sack in polyester to hold the Styropor granular material.
  • External material in PVC-covered polyester fibre to guarantee easy cleaning and disinfecting, making EasyFix always ready to use.
  • Easily modelledEasyFix allows the granular contents to be properly distributed over the entire surface, perfectly adapting to the body's shape thanks to its V shaped design and thus guaranteeing correct immobilisation and optimal patient support.
  • Thanks to its reinforced wooden baseEasyFix guarantees maximum support for safer, more efficient head, neck and spinal column immobilisation.
  • Equipped with 10 ergonomic, reinforced side handles for better weight distribution. The handles are positioned beyond the usable immobilisation surfaces, guaranteeing their support while lifting up the patient.
  • Equipped with an on-off valve that guarantees perfect grip and lets the operator work without wearing gloves.
  • Equipped with 5 integrated patient containment belts in different colours to guarantee that the operator can easily and quickly identify them and hook them correctly.
  • Excellent immobilisation and total comfort for the patient.
  • Maximum ease of use and resistant to wear.
  • EasyFix is always ready to be used, lighttransportable and easily stored in its handy shoulder carry bag.
  • It can be positioned on the stretcher in place of the main mattress.
  • Radiolucent.
  • Compliant with the EN1865 standard and tested according to the EN1789 Standard.

Technical specifications

EasyFix vacuum mattress

Info: EasyFix vacuum mattres complete with set of patient-stabilising belts, foot pump, carrying bag and repair kit.

Length 2080 mm                    
Width 720 mm - 1300 mm
Thickness 45 mm
Handles 10 (5 on each side)
Weight 8,0 kg
Load capacity 250 kg


Description Code
Aluminium pedal pump 272000701
Storage and carry bag
Set of 5 coloured safety belts
Repair kit15000000000

Available models

Model Code

EasyFix VACUUM MATTRESS complete with set of patient containment belts.

EasyFix READY2GO VACUUM MATTRESS complete with set of patient-stabilising belts, foot pump, carrying bag and repair kit. 271501001


EasyFix vacuum mattress

In Stock Product Code: 271501001

1,697.00€ 1,442.00€