Safe Transfer Super Comfort Mattress

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The stairlift Safe Transfer Super Comfort Mattress, combined with the  Step by Step belt system, is the ideal solution for evacuating patients in absolute safety and comfort, without any need for operators to do any tiring manual lifting.

Main features

  • PVC - Polyester.
  • Safe Transfer Super Comfort Mattress was developed to meet the needs of both patients in terms of safety and comfort and for the operators in terms of ergonomics and practicality.
  • Extra comfort thanks to the 62 mm Sensus padding that supports the patient's body weight, giving a sensation of safety and notable comfort.
  • Easy, safe transport thanks to the special material high sliding material the mattress is made of.
  • Equipped with 12 handles (6 per side) and an ergonomic cushion.
  • Completely cleanable.
  • Certified UNI EN 1789  and Uni EN 1865.

Technical specifications

Length1900 mm
Width500 mm
Thickness62 mm
Handles12 (6 per side)
Weight5.5 kg
Load capacity250 kg



Step by Step, kit consisting of 2 belts, 2 restraints with carabiners and carry and storage bag


Safe Transfer Super Comfort Mattress, stairlift271029000

Safe Transfer Super Comfort Mattress

In Stock Product Code: 271029000

1,008.00€ 856.00€