Kit complete SCOOPEXL™

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  • Kit complete SCOOPEXL™


Always with the patient, from immobilisation, during transportation to the ER up to diagnostic and operating wards... even during transfer from one ER to another.

Easy to use

Allows the operator to make all the loading manoeuvres necessary for polytraumatised patients, even in hostile environments. It allows a patient to be immobilised on any type of ground with the intervention of just two operators.
Using SCOOPEXL™ is easy, fast, safe.


The concave shape perfectly accommodates the patient, guaranteeing more body contact points compared with a spinal board.


Designed and produced according to the most advanced ergonomic criteria, it ensures that the operator can maintain correct posture during all rescue operations and patient transport.


The  patented Twin Safety Lock (TSL) closure system prevents the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher from accidentally opening.
SCOOPEXL™ can be easily sanitised thanks to its easily accessible parts.

Compactable and trasportable

The stretcher can be adapted to any patient thanks to length adjustability, up to a maximum of 2010 mm. Thanks to its reduced weight and minimal footprint, it can be closed up and carried easily. It can be stored in an ambulance with minimal footprint.

Clinical trials

Studies carried out at the Center for Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh attest that the degree of spinal immobility with the SCOOPEXLTM  stretcher is equivalent to the degree of a spinal board's immobility. It further highlights how a reduced number of operator movements is needed, as it determines less stress to the patient's spinal column. NO RISK! 


Certified according to UNI EN 1865.
Certified locking commitments UNI EN 1789.


SCOOPEXL™ can be used during X-ray examinations needed for emergency treatment in polytraumatised patients. The absence of diamagnetic, paramagnetic or iron-magnetic materials allows it to be used for patient transfer to Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Main features

  • Made in aluminium alloy and polymer plastics, HDPE.
  • Patented Twin Safety Lock closure system (TSL).
  • Ergonomic.
  • Foldable and divisible into 2 parts.
  • Adjustable length up to a maximum of 2010 mm.
  • Compatible for patient transfer to X-Ray and MRI rooms.
  • Easy to sanitise.
  • Available colours: yellow, red, green and grey.

Technical specifications

Kit complete SCOOPEXL™

Info: yellow stretcher SCOOPEXL™ with PIN,  4 belts mod. 436i (metal buckle), Head Immobilizator 365-E, bag.

Min. Lenght Max. Lenght Max. Width Folded encumbrance Weght Load capacity
1647 mm 2010 mm 432 mm 1200x430x80 mm 8 kg 227 kg



Optional accessories Code
Head Immobilizaton 365E
Belt with metal buckle 0314122
Cervical collar WizLoc 449 0822094 (3 pz)
Wall locking 561O (orizzontale)
Wall locking 561V (verticale)
Emergency kit bag FBI 300000
"Spider" coloured belt system 770-E
Pedi-Sleeve paediatric immob. and transp. system 0313923
Easy Lift sospendite per sollevatore 125cm (lunghe) PS0765EXL
Easy Lift sospendite per sollevatore 105cm (corte) PS0765EXL/S

Kit complete SCOOPEXL™

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1,402.00€ 1,121.00€