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Kit Black


Kit Black

For safer and more practical rescue operations. With greater durability over time.

What's included in the Black Kit by FERNO?

The Black Kit guarantees improved safety, greater convenience during the application phase, and better practicality during rescue operations.

The mattress is designed for use with FERNO stretcher models 26-S, 5126-EL, and 5226-EL, CUSTOM.

Why to choose the Black Kit

It facilitates your work activities. The mattress is designed for use with stretchers that have an adjustable backrest, allows the patient to be placed in the anti-shock position, and helps operators perform effective heart massage procedures. The branches of the 4-point restraints can be adjusted to adapt to the therapeutic requirements, as well as to the patient's size.

It's safe. The 4-point restraints ensure maximum safety for the patient during ambulance transport. They're equipped with self-ejecting quick release buckles, thus making them quick and easy to fasten/unfasten.

It's practical. The mattress is made from electro-welded PVC, a highly durable material that can be easily decontaminated. It therefore meets all the requirements for a stretcher mattress. There are even slits in the surface to facilitate the passage of the restraints.

The main features of the Black Kit

  • Mattress: Electro-welded PVC; divided into 3 sections; slits for the passage of the 4-point restraints; easy to decontaminate; fireproof.
  • 417-1N black 4-point restraint: self-ejecting quick release buckles; adjustable branches.


  • Mattress: tested according to EN 597-1:2015 and EN 597-2:2015; CE marking.
  • 417-1N black 4-point restraint: compliant with the requirements of the European standard EN 1789; CE marking.
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Kit Black



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