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Complete ScoopEXL kit BLACK

CODE: 21-00039

Complete ScoopEXL kit

Safe immobilisation with reduced risks. Even in difficult environments.

We designed the ScoopEXL stretcher to facilitate each stage of the rescue operations: immobilisation, transport, and transfer between vehicles. It is an ergonomic and easy-to-use scoop stretcher. And, since it's non-magnetic, it can even be brought into diagnostic and operating rooms without interfering with the instruments.

The complete kit includes 4 restraints with buckles and carabiners, and a B-lock head immobiliser complete with a carrying and storage bag.

Why to choose the ScoopEXL stretcher

It's easy to use. It simplifies the loading of polytraumatised patients, even in difficult environments.

It allows for rapid immobilisation. Just two operators are sufficient to immobilise the patient, on any type of terrain and under any environmental conditions.

It's safe and comfortable for the patient. Unlike a spinal board, it has a concave shape to guarantee greater points of contact between the body and the stretcher. It also features a patented TSL closure system to prevent accidental opening. With the optional TSL Expander kit, the ScoopEXL can also be used for bariatric patients.

It's compliant with the current regulations. Even its locking devices are UNI EN 1865 and UNI EN 1789 certified.

It's ergonomic. It helps operators maintain correct posture during rescue and transport operations. In fact, it's classified as a SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK device. This means that it's designed to protect the healthcare professional's spine.

It's made with insulating material. The high density HDPE material it is made of offers a high level of thermal insulation.

It's non-magnetic. Thanks to the absence of ferromagnetic materials, it can be used in RX and MRI diagnostic environments, in order to perform the necessary exams on traumatised patients.

It's extendable and easy to carry. Its length can be adjusted up to 2010 mm. Its reduced weight and size make it easy to transport and store inside an ambulance (it can be divided into two parts).

It's easy to sanitise. Its structure allows for every point to be reached and cleaned effortlessly.

Clinical studies - ScoopEXL reduces risks

Did you know that the ScoopEXL stretcher provides for the same degree of immobilisation as a spinal board? This has been confirmed by studies conducted at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Emergency Medicine. The same studies attest to the reduced number of manoeuvres needed to be performed by the operator, which results in less stress on the patient's spine.

The main features of the ScoopEXL

  • Made of aluminium alloy and high density HDPE polymers.
  • Patented Twin Safety Lock (TSL) system.
  • Optional Twin Safety Lock Expander kit for handling and transporting bariatric patients.
  • Foldable and divisible into 2 parts.
  • Length adjustable up to 2010 mm.
  • Load capacity: 227 kg.
  • Compatible with quick-release restraints.
  • Available colours: yellow, red, green and dark grey.


  • UNI EN 1865 certified.
  • Locking devices UNI EN 1789 certified.
  • SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK device.
  • Non-magnetic.
  • CE Marking.
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On orders

Complete ScoopEXL kit BLACK

CODE: 21-00039

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