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59-T chair - Red, with Keep Control technology

CODE: 0731393

59-T Stair chair - red with with mechanical track Keep Control


Designed specifically for the patient transport during the ascent and the descent of stairs. Excellent trasportability on various surfaces and excellent maneuverability in tight spaces, the chair reduces fatigue for operators guaranteeing an easy and safe transport.

Main features

  • Sturdy lightweight aluminum construction carries up to 227 kg to accomodate a wide range of patient sizes.
  • Equipped with a 5-position rear lift bar and two 5-position front telescoping handles. Handles reduce the strain of lifting and provide maximum control for operators of various heights.
  • 59-T is also equipped with two folding rear lift handles.
  • Two 100 mm front swivel wheels and two 150 mm rear wheels with locks do not collect debris and provide maneuverability in confined spaces such as stair landings.
  • Two rear wheels are equipped with integrated wheel locks that avoid the risk of accidental movements of the chair.
  • The chair is equipped with ABS pannels, easily removed for cleaning.
  • The patient restraints, the large surface of seat and backrest and the footrest guarantee maximum safety and comfort for the patient during transport.
  • Folding design provides compact storage. Compatible with the Venice Adapter Kit fastener. 



min. 953 mm - max. 1613 mm


516 mm

Width seat

419 mm

Depth (tracks closed and handles retracted)

724 mm

Depth (tracks open and handles extended)

1295 mm


15 kg

Load Limit

227 kg

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On orders

59-T chair - Red, with Keep Control technology

CODE: 0731393

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