Venice Base Chair

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  • Venice Base Chair

Lightweight transfer chair with wheel diameters 200 x 30 mm and 150 x 30 mm, 2 body restraints and 1 foot restraint.

What is Venice? It is a new line of customisable and configurable chairs that suit any kind of operator needs.

Thanks to its accessories, the transfer chair can become an evacuation chair with manual track, or a chair for going up and down stairs with motor track.


And so much more: the Venice chair can be integrated with other accessories to face all your everyday challenges, for a complete freedom to choose, always.


Compliant with UNI EN 1789 and 1865 standards for ambulance transport with a special 10G certified locking system.


Venice features a light and resistant structure thanks to its new frame with AS System, which ensures high resistance to mechanical stress during transport and enhanced safety and comfort for the patient.

There is usually little room on an ambulance, for this reason the Venice chair has a very compact design that allows to store it in a mere 20 cm.

Very easy to use, it fits adjustable telescopic handles for an effortless handling even in narrow spaces. Its two rear foldable handles are turned outwards to make the chair more convenient for operators with different builds. The ergonomic ABS seat improves comfort for the patient.


Main features

·         Compact and lightweight, only 9.9 kg

·         Load capacity 230 kg

·         Storable in just 20 cm

·         Equipped with AS System to reduce any stress during transport

·         Adjustable and configurable with a range of kits and accessories

·         Made of special aluminium alloy

·         Ergonomic ABS seat

·         2 rear foldable handles, turned outwards

·         2 front telescopic handles extensible in 5 positions

·         4 wheels - 2 front caster wheels and 2 rear wheels with brake

·         3 safety restraints included

·         Compliant with UNI EN1865 standard

·         10G ambulance locking system compliant with UNI EN 1789 standard

·         Rear wheels with larger diameter 


 Technical specifications 

  • Load Limit
    507 lbs
    230 kg
    21,83 lbs9,9 kg

    Closed chair

    Width19 in503 mm
    Height35 in908 mm
    Depth8 in

    204 mm

    Open chair

    Width19 in503 mm
    Height33 in859 mm
    Depth38 in

    990 mm


    Armrests Kit21-0084-001
    Footrest Kit25-1000-021
    Lower limb support Kit21-0085-001
    Locking VeniceClack21-0086-001
    Monorudder Kit21-0080-003
    Short handles Kit 21-0088-001

    Kit Upgrade (Accessories) 

    Extractable handle Kit 
    Outdoor wheels Kit21-0080-001
    Venice Base chair motorization Kit21-0089-001
    Manual  track Kit21-0080-002

Venice Base Chair

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