108-D Disaster stretcher - OUTLET

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Light and durable, made for safely carrying patients in emergency situations.

Main features

  • The aluminium frame makes the 108-T Tactical stretcher totally lightweight and strong.
  • The bed-patient cover is made of polypropylene net;non-slipflame retardantresistant to chemicals and UV rays.
  • With 2 safety belts in polypropylene with quick attach/release to contain the patient and 4 handles built into an ergonomic grip.
  • With 4 support feet.
  • Minimum size for storage.
  • Easy to disinfect.

Technical specifications

Length2340 mm
Length (storage configuration)1180 mm
Width570 mm
Width (in storage configuration)190 mm
Height140 mm
Height (in storage configuration)180 mm
Weight8 kg
Load capacity544 kg


108-T Tactical, folding mesh stretcher, military green with two belts includedPT7970

108-D Disaster stretcher - OUTLET

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