Model 71-M Non-Metallic Basket Stretchers

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Model 71-M Non-Metallic Basket Stretchers (lift not included - see accessories)

Mountain rescue, ski accidents, disasters and sporting injuries - full body protection for the rescue of casualties from the great outdoors

In rescue situations, casualties often need to be moved across rough or muddy terrain – quickly and easily, without risk to the patient or their rescuers. Ferno’s basket stretchers provide full body protection even when they need to be dragged across uneven, hazardous ground. This makes them ideal for rescue from building sites, quarries or mines, as well as for transportation of sports injury victims.

Main Features

  • Easy handling – with four-point lifting bridle and hand holes
  • Spacious and versatile – room to accommodate rescue blankets and life support equipment and can be used in conjunction with the Scoop stretcher range, Millennia and Najo spinal boards (excluding the Najo Sports board)
  • Durable – soundly constructed for years of reliable service • Safe and stable – includes four moveable patient restraints, padded inner and footrest for added comfort
  • Easy storage – split version folds in two to save space
  • Intrinsically Safe – Non-metallic option available for use in hazardous areas

Technical Specification

Model 71-M Non-Metallic Basket Stretchers


Lenght2180 mm
Width610 mm
Depth190 mm
Weight10 Kg

Load limit

 - Without foot plate and restraints.

The load limit includes the combined weight of the stretcher, patient, life support equipment, and in some rescue situations, the rescuer.

272 Kg

Model 71-M Non-Metallic Basket Stretchers

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1,850.00€ 1,480.00€