365-E Head Immobilizer for SCOOPEXL™

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Lightweight, compact and easy to use, provides a complete and safe immobilization of patient head. Designed specifically for the use with the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher.

Main Features

  • Designed for the safe immobilization of the patient head.
  • Being able to be applied when the patient is not transfered yet on the stretcher, 365-E Head Immobilizer guarantees safe protection of the head and neck of the patient from the environment.
  • In combination with Ferno SCOOPEXL™ and Ferno cervical collar WizLoc provides safe and comfortable transport of the patient.
  • The vinyl coating makes it easy to clean and prevents blood or bodily fluids to be absorbed.
  • 365-E Head Immobilizer is composed of two rubber foam head support pads and two forehead/ chin straps.
  • Large side openings on the support pads for monitoring the patient’s ear canal, blood loss or fluid drainage and for maintaining a direct contact with the patient. Easy to place on the large Velcro surfaces of the base plate.
  • The forehaed/chin straps are designed to be easily applied on the support pads. Center padded, optimize the stabilization of the head for absolute comfort for the patient.
  • The extra layer base plate guarantees a comfortable head support. The large Velcro surfaces guarantee easy application of two support pads.
  • High-visibility “H” velcro strap permits to fasten the 365-E Head Immobilizer to the SCOOPEXL™ stretcher providing a complete immobilization of the patient.
  • Available the trasport/storage bag code 10-9900-005 (optional accessory).


365-E, Head Immobilizer for Scoop EXL

Length 250 mm
Width 300 mm
Weight 0,620 kg

Spare parts

Description Code
Base plate 25-0057-001
Support pads (2 pcs.) 25-0061-000
Forehead/ chib strap 25-0062-000
H velcro strap 25-0059-002


Description Code
Transport/storage bag 10-9900-005




For immobilization of the patient head

Safe protection of the head and neck

Designed specifically for SCOOPEXL™ stretcher

Safe and comfortable transport

365-E Head Immobilizer for SCOOPEXL™

In Stock Product Code: 365-E

88.00€ 70.00€